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 Thank you to everyone who engaged on the Nelson 2050 vision! 

Read the What We Heard & Crafted Report to learn about the processes used to analyse the public feedback and craft the vision statement.

Click to download the report PDF.

Click to watch the Youtube recording of the report presentation to the Committee of the Whole starting at 46minutes.


OCP Update Overview

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is Nelson's roadmap for growth and change. It guides decisions on how we design our neighbourhoods, the ways we move around, how we use our land and the amenities the City provides.

The OCP Update is currently in phase two "Visioning" and the project team conducted public engagement to develop a vision statement that will guide the OCP Update's 2050 horizon. Feedback collected from public engagement is being analyzed as a whole and a public What We Heard Report will be presented to City Council this fall. 

OCP Update Timeline

Timeline Poster Board - OCP Update (3)_edited.jpg

OCP Update Process

Updating the Official Community Plan entails:

  • Meeting the requirements set out in the Government of British Columbia's Local Government Act

  • Completing technical analysis and studies

  • Reviewing best practice

  • Reviewing existing plans, strategies and guidelines

  • Providing opportunities for the public to provide feedback to ensure that we are leading the way to 2050 together.

Key Considerations - OCP Update.png
Nelson has a history of developing plans, strategies and guidelines with robust public engagement. These tools will be reviewed by the project team to help inform the Official Community Plan update. Check out some of them below!
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Untitled Extract Pages.png
Untitled Extract Pages.png
Untitled Extract Pages.png

Public Engagement
Help Shape Nelson's Future!

Stay on top of project milestones and engagement opportunities.

What We Heard & Crafted
OCP Update Phase Two: Visioning

Read the What We Heard & Crafted Report and learn about the processes used to collect public feedback, analyse the feedback heard and craft the vision statement. 


Click to download the report PDF.



Click below to watch the report presentation to the Committee of the Whole on November 21st. The presentation starts at 46:00min.

WWH&CR OCP Update P2 _2023_Page_01.jpg

Nelson 2050 Vision

Our welcoming heritage-rich mountain town is committed to community well-being by prioritizing equity, health and climate action. All Nelsonites are able to find affordable housing, live in walkable neighbourhoods, access efficient cost-effective transit, and meaningfully participate in public life. Our collective choices make us climate leaders, safeguarding and regenerating our ecological, economic and social systems for future generations. Art, education, diverse cultures, reconciliation and recreation enrich our daily lives, infusing our community with an active, healthy and creative spirit that respects and appreciates the land we call home.

OCP Update - Advisory Committee

The committee consists of 12 members of the public and 3 members of City Council. The committee has been meeting monthly and will provide the project team with recommendations when requested. The committee is the OCP Update's sounding board and will promote engagement opportunities through their professional and personal networks. 

Meeting 1 - June 29, 2023

Presentation PDF

Meeting 3 - September 11, 2023

This presentation was provided by Small Housing BC. Click to see the Infill Housing 1-Pager for a summary of the content.

Meeting 2 - July 20, 2023

Presentation PDF

Meeting 4 - October 16, 2023

Presentation PDF

Monthly E-Panel Check-ins

1-Pager Series

Click to open PDF

Infill Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

Send your questions to

How long will the OCP Update take? Approximately 2 years. In order to truly reflect what the community wants for the future of Nelson, Staff want to have lots of open conversations with you. After engaging with the public, Staff will write policies and draft the plan. Staff will check in with the community again before the document is approved by Council in early 2025.

How is an OCP used by Council, Staff, and the Community? Once adopted by Council, the new Official Community Plan will become a City of Nelson bylaw. Therefore, City operations must comply and adhere to the policies within the bylaw. Council will use the OCP to direct staff work plans each year, and staff will use the OCP to make decisions and recommendations to Council. The community has the opportunity to speak on which policies and priorites they want in this plan. This will help shape the projects that the City undertakes and how other bylaws are used.

Why are we updating the OCP? The Local Government Act states that Official Community Plans will be reviewed and refreshed every 10 years. The current OCP was adopted by Council in 2013. We are now coming back to the community to update the document.

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