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OCP Update Overview

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is Nelson's compass for growth and change. It guides the decisions we make today on how we design our neighbourhoods, the ways we move around, how we use our land and the amenities the City provides to get us to our collective vision for the future.

The City of Nelson's current OCP was adopted in 2013 and it is receiving a holistic update for the first time in 10+years. The OCP Update will ensure that the OCP policies reflect a collective vision for Nelson in 2050, outdated or completed policies are removed and that today's issues and best practice are incorporated.

Watch this 17min presentation from the project team to learn more about what an OCP is, what the project has done so far and where it is going.

OCP Update Timeline

Website Timeline - OCP Update (1)_edited.jpg

The project is divided into five phases and is expected to wrap-up in early 2025 with OCP adoption.




Phase One: Project Scoping commenced in Spring 2023. This phase involved scoping the project’s deliverables, identifying required resources and drafting some high level intentions such as a project engagement strategy and the Three Guiding Principles framework. Phase One also asked the public to submit applications to be on the OCP Advisory Committee

During Phase Two: Visioning, the OCP Update team conducted public engagement to develop a collective vision statement. Feedback from engagement was analysed for themes and the themes were consolidated into Four Foundational Values. The Four Foundational Values were combined with the Three Guiding Principles to craft a vision for Nelson in 2050. Read more in the Phase Two What We Heard & Crafted Report.


We are here! The Nelson 2050 Vision is now being implemented in Phase Three: Policy Review & Development as the project team evaluates the current OCP policies. Share your voice on the policy intentions through public engagement from May 27 - June 30, 2024.

OCP Update Process

Updating the Official Community Plan entails:

  • Meeting the requirements set out in the Government of British Columbia's Local Government Act

  • Completing technical analysis and studies

  • Reviewing best practice

  • Reviewing existing plans, strategies and guidelines

  • Providing opportunities for the public to provide feedback to ensure that we are leading the way to 2050 together.

Key Considerations - OCP Update.png

The Nelson 2050 Vision

The OCP Update's Nelson 2050 Vision

Our welcoming, heritage-rich mountain town is committed to community well-being by prioritizing equity, health and climate resilience. All Nelsonites are able to find affordable housing, live in walkable neighbourhoods, access efficient cost-effective transit, and meaningfully participate in public life. Our collective choices make us climate leaders, safeguarding and regenerating our ecological, economic and social systems for future generations. Art, education, diverse cultures, reconciliation and recreation enrich our daily lives, infusing our community with an active, healthy and creative spirit that respects and appreciates the land we call home.

The Nelson 2050 Vision was crafted by using the process illustrated below. The Four Foundational Values (representing public feedback) and the Three Guiding Principles (representing best practice) were combined.

Diagram 2050 Vision Crafting - OCP Update (6).png

The What We Heard & Crafted Report details the themes heard from Fall 2023 Visioning public engagement and how they were consolidated into the values. For more details on what each Foundational Value represents, read the Expanded Vision in the Snapshot section of the report.

The Four Foundational Values


Share your voice!

Spring 2024
Public Engagement
Help shape Nelson's Future!

From May 27 - June 30:

Complete the Policy Intention Surveys!

Attend a Project Strategy Open House!

Register for a Land Use Workshop!

Enter the Engagement Passport Contest for a chance to win:

1x  $250 local gift card

4x  $50 local gift cards

6x  City of Nelson Mugs

6x  City of Nelson Totes 

Contest Rules & Regulations

Surveys - "Consult" as defined by IAP2

The OCP policy areas have been grouped into three different surveys. Take a survey to provide input on the intentions needed to achieve our 2050 vision.

Survey #1 - Social and Climate Resilience
Now open!

Survey #2 - Built and Natural Environments
*Change* Opens the week of June 10-14, 2024

Survey #3 - Utility and Economic Infrastructure
Opens the week of June 10-14, 2024

Open Houses - "Inform" as defined by IAP2
Learn about the OCP Update, and provide feedback on the strategy being used, by attending one of the three scheduled Open Houses, or review the Open House slides.

Open House Online Slides

P3PE Website Charts - OCP Update_edited.

Register above for one of the in-person or online workshops to provide input on the strategic shifts being considered for the OCP Land Use section. 

Stay in the know!

Add your email to the OCP Update E-Panel

to receive engagement notifications:

OCP Update E-Panel

Summer 2023 Public Engagement

Phase Two public engagement ended on September 17, 2023 - thank you to everyone who engaged on the Nelson 2050 Vision! Read the Phase Two What We Heard & Crafted Report below to learn about the processes used to collect public feedback, analyse the feedback heard and craft the vision statement. 


Download the report PDF.



Watch the report presentation to the Committee of the Whole on November 21st. The presentation starts at 46:00min.

WWH&CR OCP Update P2 _2023_Page_01.jpg

OCP Update Advisory Committee

The committee consists of 12 members of the public and 3 members of City Council. The Committee has been meeting monthly and is used as a sounding board to ensure the processes used to update the OCP and engage the public are robust. The Committee promotes public engagement opportunities through their professional and personal networks. Previous committee presentations can be accessed through the archive.


Review the resources below and build your capacity to engage on the OCP Update!

Monthly Check-is

Monthly Check-ins

Monthly project check-ins are sent to the OCP Update E-Panel. Below is a link to download the latest check-in and a link to view the archive of all check-ins.

1-Pager Series

1-Pager Series

The 1-Pager series explores concepts relevant to the OCP. Share them with your networks and get discussing what considerations you think are needed.

Infill housing optimizes land use, promotes housing affordability, supports sustainability, and creates vibrant, walkable neighborhoods by redeveloping existing urban areas instead of expanding outward. Nelson is a small-community leader for infill housing ¹ and the Official Community Plan Update will ensure that the OCP policies are sufficient to guide the development of infill housing and achieve our collective vision of Nelson in 2050.

1-Pager Infill Housing - OCP Update City of Nelson 20230928 (1)_Page_1.jpg
Trivia Quiz

Urban Planning Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge and learn about Urban Planning concepts, issues and facts. Click on the picture to access a slideshow. Click right to go through the question and answer slides. Every answer slide has a link to the resource used to create the question. The OCP Advisory Committee was divided into teams and each team a had set of assigned resources to study. The Committee completed the quiz with flying colours!



OCP Update FAQ


Download the FAQ: FAQ February 9,  2024

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